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Banana Leaf Tumblers

Car Air Fresheners

Car Air Fresheners

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Car Air Fresheners

🐚 Each sold separately. I am the original creator of these islander inspired air fresheners. These will not be sold in any other shop unless stated by Banana Leaf Tumblers. 

🐚 Neni - Chanel No2
(jasmine, orange blossom, fresh green note of lilac and sweet rose)
🐚 Vienna Sausage - Black Ice
(woods and citrus)
🐚 Empanada/Turnover - Vanilla
🐚 Lemon Tea - Lemon

❎ Not edible
❎ Scents last the standard time (1-2 weeks) once out of the clear packaging.
❎ This item contains small removable elastic string, parental supervision is advised. These air fresheners may pose a choking hazard to small children. Please use with care and supervise children. By purchasing this listing, you are agreeing that Banana Leaf Tumblers will not be held responsible for any incidents that may happen by using these air fresheners.

You will only be receiving air fresheners chosen, the shoes and props are for displayed purpose only.

🐚 These air fresheners may contain minor imperfections due to them being hand crafted.

🐚 Because these are hand crafted, no refunds or returns will be accepted.

🐚 By purchasing this listing, you are agreeing to these disclaimers and warnings.

🐚 By purchasing this listing, you agree that you have read and understood the our shop policies and this listing's entire description.

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