Valentine's Day Boba 16oz

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Valentine's Day Boba 16oz

🐚 This is a pre-order so orders containing a cup will be shipped out no later than January 22nd, 2022. Charm orders only will be shipping out asap.

CHamoru and English versions available.

Options include
Neni and You're Taro-fic
Guaiya and Honeydew you love me?
Hu guaiya hao and Suck my balls
Dudus and you had me at boba
Bonita and oh hey, cu-tea

✨All starbies cup bundles will include✨
💜One tumbler (16oz)
💜One matching bling lid
💜One matching glitter straw
💜One matching shoe charm
✨Freebies included✨
💜One straw charm
💜One ilysm shoe charm
💜One pink heart shoe charm

⚠️Important info please read!⚠️
❗️I know I will have enough straw charms but the last two freebies are while supplies last.
❗️Please note that all orders containing a cup will not be shipped out until January 22nd!
❗️Be sure to have an account before the drop to avoid checkout delays.
❗️You cannot use discount codes on special drops & collabs.
❗️These products may contain minor imperfections due to them both being hand crafted.
❗️ Because these are hand crafted, no refunds or returns will be accepted.
❗️ These tumbler designs are printed on so please be careful and hand wash only with a soft sponge. 

Tumbler Care:
✅ Hand wash only
❎ Avoid abrasive sponges
❎ Not dishwasher safe
❎ Avoid extreme heat
❎ Not microwave safe
❎ Do not soak
❎ Do not leave in your car

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